Historic Chiang Mai: City of temples
Andrew J. Wood – eTN Thailand June 17, 2017

Chiang Mai is a city of temples. Here’s two we particularly enjoyed. The first is small, very spiritual, a working temple and a popular place of worship for the local community on the east side of the Ping River. It houses a beautiful old Royal residence and can be easily viewed and enjoyed if time is a factor.

For a more leisurely visit I found the Royally-endorsed Wat Phra Singh, built in 1345 (672 years old) fascinating and rich in history. The painted wall murals are particularly unique. Wat Phra Singh is a must see. If you see one temple in Chiang Mai this should be the one.

Wat Ket Karam

Wat Ket Karam is a Buddhist temple in Chiang Mai, Thailand, built in 1428.

It’s main sala is exquisite. We visited for approximately half an hour it’s a small compound and easy to navigate. In the heart of the temple grounds there is an impressive pagoda – the Ket Kaew Chura Manee pagoda.

The temple has gone through some name changes and shows the unique and diverse cultures that go into making Chiang Mai such a special and warm place to live or visit. It is truly Lanna yet has buildings that are of Chinese design and influence, some buildings are European influenced with Thai features. See how the blend and mix has made this a special place to visit.

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